The Bag of Hope Project is a ministry of HopeCCA

What Bag of Hope does

Anaheim’s Bag of Hope Project is a program that benefits motel family children in Anaheim and other special kids during the Christmas season.

Every year at this time, the Bag of Hope Project (BHP) provides for needy children, and it does so in a unique way — by allowing people to be hands-on in their kindness.

Each donor is provided the age and gender of a local child who lives in serious want, as determined by their school, and that information is attached to an attractive, canvas zipper bag, the type many adults carry to the gym. Whether the donor is a company, individual, family, or civic group, their task is the same: fill the bag.

Donors are provided with a shopping list of recommended items (age-appropriate books, clothing, toiletries, small toys, crayons, etc. — all new), and filling one bag costs approximately $95. Though some exercise their generosity by giving financially (in which case, volunteers shop for them), most choose to invest their time, as well as their money, to maximize their involvement. That’s part of Bag of Hope’s “more than writing a check” uniqueness.

Filled bags can be returned to Anaheim’s Downtown Community Center (250 E. Center Street in Anaheim) from 9:30a-11:00a on Sunday mornings until December 4, or other times by appointment. All bags are checked for content, quality and safety before being delivered to parents prior to Christmas.

The Bag of Hope Project is an outreach of Hope Community Church of Anaheim (HopeCCA), a community-focused church that meets at 10:00 Sunday mornings in Anaheim’s Downtown Community Center (250 E. Center Street in Anaheim).

For more information, or to obtain a Bag of Hope to fill for a needy child this Christmas, call 714.635.9118, or email us at




Mail:  BHP P.O. Box 6487 Anaheim, CA 92816-0487

Penny Tucker, Director

Elisa De La Cruz, Coordinator